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Deepak is a legal counselor experiencing bipolar turmoil who encounters incessant emotional episodes. One night, Rajveer and his companions get inebriated and attempt to attack Miss Arora and her two flat mates prompting a mishap. The film spins around how Deepak battles the young ladies’ body of evidence against these compelling young men.
Yes, its at long last here.The film i was sitting tight for so long. in the first place of all,i will get a kick out of the chance to at last say this thing that after a long jump of time i felt goosebumps viewing a Bollywood film.Last time was for “Titli”. Also, it was a Honor to see Mr.Bachchan in such a breathtaking part. each one was simply exceptional. Piyush Mishra benefited an occupation also. also, those three young ladies Of course,what an extraordinary benefit for them to impart screen to the Shehanshah himself.:) The motion picture will have a decent grasp on you all through the Runtime The motion picture is not “Damini” of present day age. This is a tight slap on each one of those alleged “Sanskari uncles and close relatives” that judge young ladies by what they wear. Each individual not only a male,but this is was for each sex. It asks only a solitary inquiry to the general public i.e “WHY” why not simply give young ladies a chance to would whatever they like to do. At any rate let them grin or snicker for goodness’ sake. kindly don’t simply sit tight for somebody to bring up a few deficiencies in your daughter,sister or mom. On the off chance that you can love “female divine beings” then for goodness’ sake simply regard the ones you have in your general public.

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