Akira Full Hindi Movie 2016 Watch Video Online Indian movie

STORY: Akira Sharma (Sonakshi Sinha) is your regular person from Jodhpur. Right on time in life she sees an abomination submitted on a neighbor and figures out how to shield herself. Also, a firecracker is conceived.
Survey: Our screen ki Akira is Khan, Kumar and Kapoor moved into one. She punches and safeguards superior to anything generally khiladis. Her dynamic, teacher father, Atul Kulkarni had her enlisted in karate classes rather than move classes that young ladies her age frequented. However, Akira discovers that a Durga symbol can’t help you battle a backward society and degenerate organization. So as opposed to being given a decoration of honor for attempting to spare somebody right on time in life, she is sent to a remand home. Not just does she lose three valuable years of her life; she likewise loses her gushing father.
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