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I saw this film just coz of Randeep. The person is a stunning performing artist. What a change he accomplished for this. He truly resembled the part he depicted. The motion picture is plain terrible. Period. Randeep gets a 10/10 for his acting n exertion yet the motion picture gets just 3 from me. The bearing by Omung Kumar is plain awful. Indeed, even his first film was pitiful. (Perused my surveys of Mary Kom). In any event in this film, Randeeps acting n exertion was great. The screenplay is terrible and also the altering. The film is melodramatic to the point that now and again it turned into a torment to sit through it. Aishwarya can’t represent beyond any doubt. She was jus yelling n shouting. Possibly she shud b given the shout ruler honor by Jamie Lee Curtis. Really she burglarized Randeep. This motion picture shud hav jus concentrated on Randeep. In any case, on opposite, she was everywhere throughout the trailers/promos/interviews/screen time. Now and again I thot m I viewing a biopic on sarbjit or on his sister. After the disappointment of Jazbaa, she should hav advised her operator get me some biopic, as biopics r the most recent pattern in bollywood. Biopics requires research, time, devotion n energy. Tragically, the vast majority of our Indian chiefs n on-screen characters don’t have time n energy for it. The best illustration was Mary kom.

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